Meet The Man Behind The Name

Ben’s love for music started at the age of seven when he received a drum set as a gift.  In the 5th grade, he started playing the trumpet.  Over the next few years, he realized that the trumpet was not for him.  The piano grabbed his attention and he became a jazz pianist, which he continues to enjoy today.  

At the age of 16, Ben and his high school friend started a mobile DJ company in Cleveland, Ohio called “The Muzic & Company”.  They started out performing at school dances and private parties. During this same time, Ben played keyboards and was a singer in two pop bands, Arson and The M.O.B.B.  Performing in a band was short lived as his heart was in the DJ business. 

 Several years later, Ben and his partner merged with Cleveland’s largest DJ company.  This partnership lasted 6 years. Later that year, he split away and formed Ben Ricci Ultimate Entertainment DJs.  The name has changed a few times but the philosophy has stayed the same.  When you have passion for something, it really shows.  Nothing gives Ben more enjoyment than seeing guests at an event having a great time having fun,  dancing, laughing and smiling.  The key to success in this business is experience.  This is not something you learn overnight.  It takes years of practice and he has perfected it!

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